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Nocturnal polysomnography or complete study

Nocturnal polysomnography or complete study

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Polysomnography consists of overnight recording of neurological variables and
breathing to assess the quantity and quality of sleep. This allows us to assess the presence of one or more sleep disorders.

A sleep study is done in a hospital room where you may bring:
Comfortable pajamas,
A toothbrush and toothpaste,
A change of clothes for the next day.

The day of the study:
Follow your regular routine,
Avoid naps, caffeine and alcohol.
Do not use gel or spray on the hair
Ask us if you need to stop any medications

Later we will review the information and schedule an appointment to explain the results.

A complete sleep study is recommended for:
 Assess sleep-related respiratory disorders.
 Evaluate abnormal behaviors due to parasomnias.
 Narcolepsy evaluation
 Adjust CPAP levels.
 Determine why treatment for a sleep disorder is not working.

Study is carried out by appointment at 686-5523457

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